Conversations in Communication

Conversations in Communication® is a series of publications revolving around the Communication industry. The series was started in the Graduate School of Communication at the University of Hartford and is currently published through Full Media Services. Co-Authors Philip Weinholtz and Jabree Dunham-Carson continue to work on the series, based on their working experience in the communication industry.

volume 1 interconnected in the 21st century

Interconnected in the 21st Century, the first edition of Conversations in Communication is a series of publications, which started during Weinholtz’s graduate studies at the University of Hartford’s School of Communication. This collection of essays examines: (1) corporate communication, (2) branding strategies, (3) cultural communication, (4) strategic communication, and (5) emerging social media systems. The collection ends with an original research study that looks at interconnectivity and the impact it has had on the communication industry. Order here.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a Function of Public Relations is a research study conducted by researcher and author Dunham-Carson while a graduate student in the School of Communication at the University of Hartford. The purpose of this study is to discover if Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs can serve as a function of Public Relations in the development of stakeholder relationships. The results from this study provide strong correlations between satisfaction, reputation, goodwill, and identification, offering new insight into the connection between CRM, Public Relations, and customer association. Order here.

Today’s organizations are experiencing a major change in the way they work and think. Interconnectivity requires individuals who are responsible for network and system administration to be proactive in their assessment of security concerns. Technology and Cybersecurity: How They Protect and Shape an Organization is the 3rd Volume in the Conversations in Communication series. It is a technology and cybersecurity handbook dedicated to analyzing and assessing the best options for organizations to secure their intellectual property. Order here.

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