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Full Media Services is proud to announce the publication of several websites.

Journal of Holistic Health is published in partnership with Doug Dix, Ph.D. “The Journal of Holistic Health seeks to bring all people together to live as one family in harmony with nature by publishing the truth without borders or ulterior motives and inviting all to love it and each other. It seeks to proclaim, in other words, what is relevant and instruct on how to live accordingly, or, in older, more eloquent words, to inspire love of truth above all and others as self.”

Pentimento is the preferred full-service wedding florist and event floral design studio of the Hartford area. Pentimento’s Paula Gallo brings a fresh perspective that transcends the ordinary. She, along with her sister, Tamara, simply love creating beautiful parties. You will find them very down-to-earth and easy to work with, but flawless in their execution of details.

Donn Weinholtz is Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at the University of Hartford, where much of his time is spent supervising doctoral dissertations and teaching graduate courses in professional ethics, introductory statistics, and qualitative research methods.

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