Short Stories from Rwanda

Short Stories from Rwanda is a series of short stories from authors Augustin Ndayizeye and Sylvestere Ntabajyana. The central message of this book is to facilitate children, young and adult people to gain insight into mutual interdependence, forgiveness, courage, and teamwork spirit.

There are three versions of the book currently available, Print Color, Black and White Edition, and E-book. They are all available through Amazon and additional retailers.


The audiobook is available through Google Play and several additional retailers.


About Augustin:

Augustin Ndayizeye was born in 1987 in the western Province of Rwanda. He went to Karengera high school from 2004 up to 2007 for his secondary studies in the option of Arts and Languages. From there, he got a government bursary to continue his university studies in Kigali at Rwanda College of Education from 2008 up to 2012. While there, he studied with the faculty of Arts with Education, especially in the combination of English and Swahili languages. He holds his Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Education. When he was still a child he liked reading stories of great African writers and read psychological and philosophical books by world writers. He worked as a teacher of English and Kiswahili languages and Social Psychology in Rwandan secondary schools for five years. Currently, he is working as a school teacher leader where he facilitates other teachers to teach effectively. His main dream is to promote the culture of reading in Rwanda and spread Rwandan culture overseas. He likes writing short stories for children, young adults, and adults.

About Sylvestre:

Sylvestre Ntabajyana was born in Rwanda in 1973. He is currently an assistant lecturer at the University of Rwanda, College of Education. Before joining UR-CE, he worked as a teacher of the English language in various secondary schools. Sylvestre Ntabajyana graduated from Kigali Institute of Education with a BA in Education. Later he joined Rhodes University (South Africa) where he obtained an MA in Creative Writing. He has published a number of poems in journals like New Coin and Tyhini. He has also published an anthology of poetry ‘Planting Seasons and Other Poems’.

Published in collaboration by:

Full Media Services | | African Strong Generation LTD

Illustrations by:

Muhammad Taufiq & M. Ridho Mentarie

ISBN: 0-9960033-9-8 | ISBN-13: 978-0-9960033-9-1

Longmeadow, MA | Kigali, Rwanda | Windsor, CT

Copyright © 2016, Augustin Ndayizeye & Full Media Services, All Rights Reserved

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