2018 Publications

Full Media Services is currently preparing three publications scheduled for release in 2018/2019.

Quakers and the Disciplines: Volume 5
The fifth volume in this series is currently in the pre-publication process and is scheduled for release at the 2018 FAHE conference in June. This volume will focus on Quakers, Politics, and Economics and is edited by David R. Ross and Michael T. Snarr.

Conversations in Communication: Volume 3
The third publication in this series, Conversations in Communication, Volume 3, will focus on Cyber Security in IT organizations.

The Trumpet and Other Poems (from Rwanda)
As an ongoing collaboration with authors from Africa, which grew out of a current teaching collaboration Donn has through The University of Hartford with his former student Dr. Joe Olzacki, Full Media Services will publish another book by a Rwandan author. The first publication was a series of animated stories intended for young adults with a moral theme throughout. This new publication is a series of poems focused on six issues: (1) Politics and Governance in Rwanda, (2) Faith and Religion, (3) Materialism and Morality, (4) Love, (5) Nature and Society,  and (6) Death and Metaphysics.

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