As we wind down our 2017 campaigns, we have a great deal to be thankful for. Our friends, our families, our communities and clients, who support us both directly and through opportunities provided to our members.

As a sign of thanks for all that we have, we have decided to donate a portion of the businesses proceeds to local and national charities of choice. Each board member was tasked with selecting a local or national charity that is important to them, to have donations made on their behalf. Here are the charities/organizations they chose:

1. Donn Weinholtz, Ph.D.: The Hartford Catholic Worker –
2. Dr. David E. Jones: Black Lives Matter –
3. Lauren F. Weinholtz, M.B.A.: St. Mary’s Parish, Longmeadow, MA –
4. Jabaree Dunham-Carson, M.A.: American Foundation for the Blind –
5. Jennifer W. Graham, M.Ed.: Malala Fund –

Additional funds will be given to Hands On Hartford, a local charity that provides food, housing, and health services to those in need. Here is their website:

While our organization is small in size and scale, we hope this gesture will encourage others to give to their communities. A little can go a long way.

Happy Holidays.

Philip Weinholtz

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